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"GI-Map" Preparation Guide

The GI-Map Test is completed in the comfort of your home using a collection kit that is mailed to you by the lab. For a simple and effective experience, follow the instructions below.



  • Collection kit. Mailed to you by the lab. This includes the collection tray, gloves, vial and other materials needed to sanitarily collect your stool sample.
  • Test Requisition Form. Mailed to you by the lab. This must be completed in its entirety and sent in with your specimen.
  • Mailing materials. Mailed to you by the lab. A prepaid FedEx mailer and box to ship your sample to the lab.


  • Continue your usual routine. You do not need to change your dietary habits or suspend any medications prior to this test.
  • Write your name and date of birth on the yellow capped vial.
  • Fill out the Test Requisition Form completely.  Be sure to write the date of sample collection in the Patient section of the form. Payment type must be completed with payment included to process sample. Place Test Request Form into the box with the sample.


  1. Collect stool. If possible, void urine prior to collecting stool. With gloved hands, collect stool by passing stool directly onto the provided collection tray.
  2. Transfer stool. Using the spoon attached to the cap of the yellow vial, spoon stool from different areas of the sample into the vial. Fill vial to the red fill line (just over half full). Carefully mix stool and fluid with the spoon. Replace cap tightly and shake vial vigorously for 30 seconds.
  3. Package. Place Yellow cap vial into ziplock specimen bag along with absorbent pad. Seal the bag. Place the specimen bag with the sample vial into the kit box.


  1. Double check. Check that the vial label and Requisition Form have been completely filled out. Be sure the sample vial sealed in the ziplock bag and that the Test Request Form are in the Kit box.
  2. Place in mailer. Fill in your name and address on the shipping label attached to the outside of the provided FedEx mailer. Place kit box (with vials and requisition form) in the bag then seal the self-sticking pouch. 
  3. Schedule pickup. Call FedEx to schedule a pick-up. Dial 1-800-238-5355. When the automated greeting begins say “Rep”. When asked if you are shipping a package say “Yes”. A live person will then answer to help schedule your pickup. Let them know you are shipping using a Billable Stamp.

Note: If you cannot ship the specimen on the day of collection please refrigerate the sample by placing the box containing the sample into the refrigerator.