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New Patient Package Options


We offer two packages for new patients to choose from. 

Our Fundamental Package is geared toward those who feel good but are looking for a little extra guidance in their health routine or aren't quite ready to dive into the Functional Medicine waters.    

Our Comprehensive Package is what most of our clients choose and exemplifies a typical Functional Medicine encounter.  It's the perfect solution for those suffering with unexplained symptoms, conditions that require extended use of medication and anyone wanting to dig deeper into their physiology to feel their absolute best.

Add-Ons may only be added to the Comprehensive Package. Patients may elect to purchase an add-on regardless of their condition however specific add-ons may be suggested based on the information given in the free consultation.





Please note that the Comprehensive Package is where patients begin their journey with us.  During the Report of Findings, a choice of "Program Packages" will be suggested to help guide you through the changes you may need to make. There may also be high quality nutraceuticals suggested to support your physiology and enhance healing. Though it may be advised, patients are under no obligation to make any additional purchases.