Welcome to Perfect Human Function

Our Nutraceutical Sales Policy


At Perfect Human Function, it is our goal to provide the results our patients expect in an effective and timely manner. To do this, we will often recommend dietary supplements to compliment diet and lifestyle changes. Patients are never required to purchase supplements


Why We Recommend Nutraceuticals

  • As an adjunct to dietary and lifestyle modification
  • To fill in the gaps that even a well-balanced diet may leave
  • To deliver anti-inflammatory or gut nourishing ingredients in a concentration not likely achieved through diet
  • To expedite and improve clinical outcomes 

Our Nutraceutical Standards

  • We sell potent, therapeutic nutritional supplements.
  • We only offer products that meet our high standards of quality ingredients, proper manufacturing, bioavailability, and value.
  • These products are generally regarded as "higher-quality" than similarly named products you may find in retail stores. 
  • We currently offer Apex Energeticsand Designs for Health You can view their respective websites to learn more about their philosophies, manufacturing practices and quality control.

How We Price Our Products

  • Each product is priced at or below the manufacturer's suggested retail price.
  • We have a financial interest in the sale of the products we carry.
  • Patients are not under any obligation to purchase products from Perfect Human Function.
  • Patients may purchase products from other sources. (Please be aware that the quality and effectiveness of similarly named products can vary from retailer to retailer and it is the responsibility of the patient to perform the appropriate research to find comparable products. We will not be able to advise on the purchase, use or results of brands other than those we carry.)