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Starting Strong Strategies


The best way to ensure lasting success is to start strong! Being physically and mentally prepared now will help you stay on track throughout your entire program.


Be Prepared

  • Order your nutraceutical supplements as soon as possible. 
  • Choose an appropriate program start date that is not too far away but gives you adequate time to prepare. You must to be physically and mentally ready to begin. 
  • Print the nutraceutical schedule that has been emailed to you. Place it where ever it will be most helpful.
  • Pre-separate and label (morning, noon, etc.) your supplements for 1 to 3 days into Ziploc bags. Note: Do not pre-separate more than 3 days at one time. The exposure to moisture, light, and/or other supplements can have negative effects on the products.
  • Set reminders on your phone for when to snack, refill water, take supplements, stretch, breathe, and any other recommendations you’ve been given.
  • Grocery shop and meal prep before starting the program. Have plenty of diet compliant snacks and meals prepared for your first few days. 
  • If needed, print a list of foods to eat and foods/ingredients to avoid. Keep this on your fridge and take it with you to restaurants and grocery stores.

Be Accountable

  • Write down your biggest motivation for making these changes and the top three things that you will need to do every day to reach that goal. Say these out load every morning.
  • Eliminate temptation by removing “off limit” foods from your home.
  • Encourage your family to adopt the same healthy habits. Everything from scheduling time to exercise to meal time temptations will be easier when the whole household is on board.
  • Hold yourself accountable by keeping a journal (for food, thoughts or emotions).
  • Have an accountability partner. This may be your spouse, a friend or family member or even an online community. Encouraging others can be just as effective as being encouraged.

Be Realistic

  • Be kind to yourself but don't make excuses. Do not beat yourself up for an accidental slip up but know that you are strong and fully capable of making the right choices to improve your life.
  • Know your limitations and plan around them! Do you work long hours? Travel often? Hate salads? Think of all the potential roadblocks to success and then come up with solutions ahead of time. Everyone will have obstacles, but these should not be excuses for consistently “slipping up”.
  • If you miss a workout or have a cheat meal, it can be tempting to chalk the whole day or weekend up to a loss and say, “I’ll start again on Monday”. If you make an unhealthy choice, isolate that choice to just that moment. You can make a better choice the next meal, not the next Monday. 


If you are struggling with any aspect of your program, please let us know! We can help you overcome many obstacles to be as successful as possible!


Starting Strong Checklist 

One Week Prior

  • I have set a start date and informed PHF
  • I have read the food plan thoroughly
  • I have asked all questions I have at this time
  • I have ordered my supplements
  • I have planned my first week’s meals and snacks
  • I have identified my motivations and written them down

One Day Prior

  • I have grocery shopped for my first week’s meals and snacks
  • I have removed “off-limit” foods from my home
  • I have meal prepped my first week’s meals and snacks (chopping veggies, pre-baking chicken, etc.)
  • I have printed my nutraceutical schedule
  • I have organized/pre-separated my supplements